Summer Camping at Tomahawk

Post date: Aug 18, 2013 2:02:17 AM

Having just returned from a week of camping at Tomahawk Scout Reservation, I'm surprised that the program isn't more widely known, so I wanted to write a summary of a week at Family Camp before any of the activities we participated in fade from memory.

Tomahawk Scout Reservation (TSR) is located on Long Lake in Birchwood, WI, but it is a Northern Star Council camp. In fact, many local Scout Troops attend this camp. The camp has 5 sub-camps including 'Family Island' which has cabins (complete with kitchenette and bathroom), camper sites, and tenting sites for use by families with a registered Scout. The Family Island Camp has its own beach with boats and diving dock. These activities can be used to fill up your spare time, but they are only a few of the activities you'll have access to during a week at family camp.

The activities likely change every year, and the itinerary even changed over the course of the summer, but I'm sure improvements and enhancements are always being made. Here is a summary of activities you may participate in if you attend a week at Family Camp:

    • Horseback riding (barrel racing and trail riding)
    • C.O.P.E. (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) - 'Flying Squirrel', 'Leap of Faith', and high C.O.P.E.
    • Campfire programs in family camp and the sub-camps
    • Logging camp - make your very own tomahawk
    • Crafts such as bird house building, wood cookies, and tie dye t-shirts
    • Swimming at any of the sub-camps including the 'Iceberg'
    • Archery
    • BB Guns
    • Climbing (including the mega-tower)
    • Scout Skills such as fire making and knot tying
    • Mini-golf and a driving range
    • Climb the fire tower
    • Boating (canoeing, kayaking, rowing)
    • Hiking
    • Ecology buildings in any of the 4 sub-camps
    • We had a great family camp potluck at the end of the week

It seemed that there were a number of activities (such as star gazing, open beach, and open shooting range time) in the sub-camps if you find the time after all of the Family Camp activities. The trading posts (camp stores) in the sub-camps are also open for a quick treat or some souvenirs.

Many Point Scout Camp (also a council camp) has a similar program, as do many other Scout Camps around the US. This can be a fun way to spend a week within the framework of Scouting for a good price.

Aaron Miller

Den Leader / Webmaster