November Pack Meeting - Cake Auction

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 2:31:40 AM

The cake auction is actually a fundraiser for the Pack. All the proceeds go into the general fund for the Pack. Each scout family is asked to bake a cake to be auctioned during the meeting. Fellow scout families, including yourself, will have the opportunity to bid on any of the cakes. An auctioneer will monitor the auction. Rhonda Carlton is a former parent of the Pack that has experience running past auctions. She will keep it fun. Your scout is encouraged to work with his family as a team to place bids so the bidding does not become unreasonable. One strategy is to have a maximum bid in mind for your scout to not exceed. It won't be so fun if you have to pay too much for a couple of cakes you don't really want to take home. This is a great opportunity for your scout to learn the value of money and how to wisely spend for a cake that he really wants. As far as what type of cake to bake, it is completely up to you. A theme for your cake is highly encouraged. For example, past cakes have shown war scenes with plastic army men. Others have followed a Cub Scout theme. Use your imagination. We will have awards for the top three cakes. Please encourage your scout to be a participant in the planning and baking of the cake. This Pack event helps your scout GROW!