Throughout the year there will be various fund-raisers to benefit both the Pack and the Scout.  As Cub Scouts, we will always try and make sure to emphasize the fun in fundraising.  Do Your Best!

Popcorn fundraisers take place in September and October.  In addition, storefront sales are used to fund the Pack and help the Scout offset some Pack dues ($35).

More information about the popcorn fundraiser can be found on the popcorn page.

Wreath fundraisers also take place in September and October.  Wreaths and popcorn are typically available before Thanksgiving.

We also have a FundRacer which brings local businesses together at the Pack 508 Pinewood Derby for a competition.  Participants pay $75 to enter a car in a regulation pinewood derby race.  The winner keeps a traveling trophy to show at their business.  In addition, the Scouts select a winner of the best design car.  Each participant is awarded a handsome plaque to display their car at their business.  

Go to the FundRacer page to see the past participation and results.  Businesses that have contributed are listed on the bottom of this page.

Bake Sale
As part of the Ham Lake Lions (our charter organization) annual pancake breakfast, our Pack offers some baked goods for purchase by attendees.  The funds raised from this event help offset Pack costs.