Summer Camp

The Pack has reserved the weekend of July 11-13 for Summer Resident Camp.  Details about camp follow:

Camp Akela is a weekend program for Tigers, Wolfs, Bears and 1st year Webelos (as of Spring). Cub Scout Resident Camp is an opportunity for Cub Scouts and their adult leadership to spend quality time together working on advancement, enjoying recreational activities and learning about camping. 

Activities will be age specific based on rank-so a cub can come back to Cub Scout Resident Camp each year, and get a different experience. 1st Year Webelos can stay at camp for an extra night of camping called the Webelos Outpost. 

Campers sleep in two person canvas tents that are supplied by the camp. Activities at Camp Akela have included pony rides, archery, bb-gun target shooting, swimming in a pool, boating, crafts, nature, and games. 

Food service is provided in a dining hall. 


We want your stay at Cub Scout resident camp to be comfortable and enjoyable. For that reason we provide you and your group with some of the best facilities and equipment you’ll find anywhere. Dependent on which camp you choose you will have different sleeping accommodations, all of which are provided to all participants. 
  • Tents (provided at all camps): Camp provides two person tents with mattresses for sleeping on. You may also choose to bring your own tents. 
  • Cabins (available at Kiwanis and Stearns Cub camps): Cabins are usually “bunkhouse” style and will have room for 4-50 people in them. 
  • Program Facilities: Our camps have beautiful facilities to make your experience comfortable. These include nature centers, dining halls, climbing towers, shower houses and much more. 
  • Food: All of your meals will be prepared by our licensed kitchen staff and are approve by a dietician to be healthy and complete. We even do the dishes for you too! 
  • Trading Post: At camp you’ll have time to explore our camp store and get snack, clothing, and souvenirs. 


At Cub Scout resident camp your Cub Scout's weekend will be filled with exciting and challenging activities. 

Your Cub Scout can do all of these activities and more: 
  • Going swimming on a hot afternoon to cool down 
  • Hopping in a canoe or rowboat and heading out onto the water 
  • Practice shooting archery or bb guns at one of our ranges 
  • Build a neat craft that you can take home with you 
  • Learn Scout skills like whittling and fire building 
  • Play wacky games with the camp staff 
  • Test yourself on one of our climbing or bouldering walls 
  • Sit around a campfire sharing stories and doing skits 
  • Spend time with your family in the great outdoors 

Camp Schedule 

At Cub Scout resident camp the expert staff handles all of the planning and will keep you busy all weekend long with fun and excitement. You can expect your weekend to look a lot like this: 

  • Friday Evening: Arrival and move-in followed by a tour and staff introductions 
  • Saturday Breakfast 
  • Saturday Morning: Your first three one-hour program rotations will happen here. These might be swimming, archery, climbing, or others. 
  • Saturday Lunch 
  • Saturday Afternoon: You will do three more program rotations between lunch and dinner. 
  • Saturday Dinner 
  • Saturday Evening: Camp-wide games and campfire with the staff. A must see! 
  • Sunday Breakfast 
  • Sunday Morning: You will complete your last three program rotations here. 
  • Sunday Lunch 
  • Sunday Afternoon: Free time and open program 
  • Depart Camp or go on Webelos Outpost 

Advancement Opportunities 

Cub Scout resident camp is the best time for Cub Scouts to earn a lot of advancement. Each rank does different activities, so every year boys experience something new that will help them to advance. Below is a list of just some of the things Scouts will get to work on: 

  • Tiger: Electives 3, 30, 31, 40 
  • Wolf: Achievements 1b, 1g, 8a, 1h,1i and electives 7a, 7b, 7c, 5f, 15e, 20b, 23 
  • Bear: Achievements 19a, 19b, 19c, 19d, 20a, 20b and electives 16b, 16d, 19a, 19b, 19c, 19d, 12 a-d, 20a, 25a, b, d, g
  • Webelos: Craftsman pin requirements 1 and 2, Outdoorsman pin requirement 7, Aquanaut pin requirements 1-7, and Scientist pin requirement 6 and 8 
  • Archery and BB gun belt loops: can be completed by individual scouts depending on skill level and time spent practicing on the range. 

Recommended Equipment 

For the family - Please pack all of the personal items you will need for a weekend at camp: 
  • Camera 
  • Camp Chairs 
  • Cub Scout Handbook 
  • Cub Scout knife (No sheath knives, Whittling Chip Card is required) 
  • Flashlight 
  • Health Form and Waiver 
  • Matches (adults only) 
  • Mosquito netting 
  • Mosquito repellant 
  • Pajamas 
  • Pants/Slacks/Shorts 
  • Personal Hygiene Items 
  • Poncho or Raincoat 
  • Shoes (2 Pair) 
  • Sleeping bag or sheets/blankets 
  • Sun Screen 
  • Sweater or jacket 
  • Swimsuit 
  • Towels 
  • Underwear & Socks 
  • Uniform Shirt 
  • Watch 
  • Water Bottle 
Bring a backpack, to put your swimsuit, shoes, water bottles and other things you’ll need throughout the day (you won’t have many chances to return to your campsite. You may want to bring equipment such as Frisbees, softballs and gloves. 

A uniform is highly recommended, but no Cub Scout is denied admittance because he does not own a uniform.

Additional information can be found at the Northern Star Council Camping site.