Fundracer 2020 (Brochure):

Pack 508  9th Annual FundRacer Stock Race

Saturday January 25, 2020 at Oak Haven Church 1:00 – 6:00 pm

A seventy-five dollar ($75) donation gets you a car kit, track side seating and a chance to race for top honors complete with a traveling trophy to show off your success.  Grand Champion bragging trophy for the overall winner – engraved with your name – to display until next year race!

All proceeds will be used by Pack 508 in Ham Lake MN to cover program costs, awards, patches, building rental, fees, field trips and Scouting adventures. 

Promote your business, civic group or family as you help support a program that builds better citizens and enriches children’s lives.

Contact Aaron Miller (763-360-1725, to secure your place at the track.  If you want to participate but are not interested in building a car, proxy car builders can be found for an additional nominal donation.

See pictures from past races and view race results at (click on Fundracer link). 

Do not miss out on the chance to meet your neighbors and the people you serve while you build community in a completely innovative way.

Please note the location change this year.  We are racing at Oak Haven Church because McKinley was unavailable!

About the Pinewood Derby:
The Pinewood Derby is an event created for Cub Scouts and is one of the most popular and successful family activities in Cub Scouting.  Pinewood derby cars are created from kits containing a pinewood block, plastic wheels and metal axles.  Cub Scouts use tools to customize the cars with the help of an Adult.  Once completed, the cars are entered in races.  Gravity powers the cars down single-lanes along a racetrack in head-to-head completion.  Now is time to relive a dream and create the car you always wanted to build and race.

This race will be a stock rules race. All rules will be provided with the car kits.

Fundracer 2016 Results:

Place Racer Time Speed (mph)
1 American Family Insurance 3.5668 199.3
2 Pauls Barber Shop 3.6390 195.3
3 Abra Auto Body 3.6733 193.5
4 Worden Family 3.6965 192.3
5 Smith Nielson 3.7266 190.7
6 Fire Department 3.7637 188.9
7 Canine Crossing 3.7678 188.7
8 Northern Asphalt 3.7708 188.5
9 Schahn Construction 3.8015 187
10 Breeze Electric 3.8181 186.2
11 Northeast Dental 3.9806 178.6
12 Ham Lake Lanes 4.1371 171.8
13 McKinley Staff 4.7915 148.3
14 Meineke Car Care 5.3628 132.5
15 Medtronic 6.0000 118.5

Fundracer 2015 Results:

 Place Time Avg Speed (mph) Racer
 110.5606201.9Worden Family Trust 
 210.6433200.4 American Family, Ben Bina Agency 
 310.8184197.1 Northern Asphalt, Inc
 410.9671 194.4 Smith Nielsen Automotive Service 
 511.0468 193.0 Abra Auto Body
 611.0983 192.1 Jen Wiechman 
 711.1858 190.6 Canine Crossing 
 811.2365 189.8 Meineke Car Care 
 911.2483 189.2 Park Precision 
 1011.2732 186.8 Northeast Dental Wellness 
 1111.4136 186.8 Paul's Barber Shop 
 1211.5142 185.2 Creative Spaces 
 1312.0528 176.9 McKinley Staff